You know the old saying "You get what you pay for?"  Well, Pet Stop is a great example. 

I had these folks come out and install a system for Onyx, my Miniature Pinscher.  I was pretty reluctant to trust that an invisible fence could keep the Wonder Dog in, but with the training that they came and performed with Onyx, he hasn't worn the collar in over a year!

Well, as you may recall in my previous post, our little Shitzu Ruby, has had some learning difficulties.  I would not say she's exactly quick to catch on to things!  However, when I called Pet Stop and let them know we had a new member of the family, they shot in last week from Nashville, flagged the yard and began the training.  Little Ruby is now enjoying our whole yard...not every other neighbor's yard!  She has picked up on her boundaries quickly and loves spending time outside.

If you've been considering $5,000+ for a fence just to contain your smaller members of the family, I would definitely consider Pet Stop as an alternative.  I think I remember our system being about $1,200, but I'd pay triple for the peace of mind in knowing they're safe in the yard. Yes, you can find  inexpensive systems  for about $100 at local pet stores, but they may or may not do the trick. 

The key with Pet Stop is in the latest technology as well as the on-site training that comes with each unit.  And, speaking of the unit, if my home goes on the market...don't think you're getting my system...it's able to move to my new home with me.  Pretty cool, huh? 

These are great folks, so please keep them in mind. 
You can reach them direct at 615.673.7381.


Justin Holder
Nashville, TN

I always worried about my dogs lying down in the middle of the road and just resting since I live in the country. Since I have a Great Pyrenees, not any containment system would work for her. With the thick skin and coat, we had a lot to consider. After getting other quotes, I went with Pet Stop because I knew they could contain her. The gentleman that came out took a lot of time to answer any questions I had and ones that might come up later. The only time she has gotten out was when I forget to put on the collar. My other dog does not even have to wear his now. He just thinks it works all the time. I love this system. Not sure what I did without it.

Bronwen Whisenhunt
Pegram, TN

Since my system was installed in 2000, my husky does not go anywhere. I had heard of this and did not think it could work. Guess what? It does. I actually got my system installed when Bart was with another company. I just had to follow him because of his knowledge of the pet containment systems.

Kathy Davie
Nashville, TN

I own a Great Dane, a Chihuahua, and two cats. I was very worried for their safety due to the fact I live on a very busy road. I had Pet Stop come out and give me an estimate. After having several companies out, they were almost the highest out there. But what impressed me, is the fact that I can have all these different animals on different settings.

We all know that a Chihuahua could not handle pain. So he gets a little extra time before he feels anything. On the other hand, I have the Great Dane. He feels nothing. So he got all the bells and whistles. The cats actually stay off my counters now. (that is thanks to a couple indoor units). In the end everyone is doing great and staying safe.

Marissa Williams
Belle Meade, TN

I got a system installed by another company. Angry that my dogs still got out, I got online and researched other companies. Then, I called Pet Stop. After speaking to the office person, I decided to replace my existing pet fence equipment with PetStop Brand -  Best decision I every made!!! My dogs stay in their yard now and I can trust them to do so.

Michael Lincoln
Murfreesboro, TN

161 Belle Forest Circle - Suite 103 - Nashville TN 37221 info@petstopnashville.com